【Introduction to Drone】 GPS mechanism | We thoroughly explained functions and weaknesses.|JAPAN

【Introduction to Drone】 GPS mechanism | We thoroughly explained functions and weaknesses.|JAPAN

Why did Drone evolve so far?

It is Yoshitake Hotaka high school student walking in the Tokai aerial.
Currently the drones have become so popular because of the fact that smartphones circulated so that high performance and compact parts became cheap and that the “operation” became easier by the evolution of technology I will.

Because GPS technology is available as a technique to make this operation easier.

Most of the people who have heard the word GPS are nearly equipped with GPS functions in the current mobile phones, which is a very familiar technology, but I think many people can not explain the mechanism.

If you are a mobile phone, you can benefit from that even if you do not know, in the case of drone it will not go so.

Let’s learn the mechanism of GPS securely in order to make the drones flying safely and securely.

What is GPS

【Introduction to Drone】 GPS mechanism | We thoroughly explained functions and weaknesses.|JAPAN

Global Posting System Global Positioning System
It is a system that can receive signals sent from GPS satellites that exist in outer space and accurately grasp the current position on the earth.

Functions that use GPS are full of a lot of things around you, and representative examples are also installed in “car navigation systems of cars”, “mobile phones”, “digital cameras”, “laptop computers”, and so on.


Although it becomes a digression suddenly suddenly, there is a person drawing the portrait of “Japan Nobunaga” nationwide by bicycle utilizing the function of GPS with my acquaintance’s artist.
It will be “drawing” moving by bicycle and dropping GPS points.

How GPS works

More than 30 GPS satellites are flying in outer space, of which we catch the signals emitted by the GPS satellites flying over the drone.

GPS satellites always transmit accurate time as a signal, but there is a distance from the GPS satellite on the ground.
As a result, there will be a delay in time to catch the signal somewhat depending on the position of the drones on the earth.

And because we catch multiple GPS signals on the universe separately, there is a slight gap in each reception time.
GPS will be the best way to figure out the exact location by analyzing this gap.

Since it is necessary to receive at least four GPS signals in order to determine accurate position information by GPS, it is necessary to always operate the drone in a position easily receiving GPS signals.

Since many GPS satellites are still on the equator, it is easier to catch GPS signals closer to the equator.

To put it simply, it is easier for Okinawa to catch GPS signals than from Hokkaido.

Current drone has high performance GPS.

Many of the current drones have GPS and can grasp the exact location of their own.
Therefore, when instructing to be in the correct position with a propo etc., hovering is continued on the spot or the home point set with one button will come back.

Videos describing the return to home function

GPS weak point

GPS has become indispensable to our daily life as well as drone in many places.
However, there is one big weak point,
“It can not receive GPS signals in a building.”

The GPS signal has a strong rectilinearity, and it will not receive signals accurately in scenes where signals such as buildings are reflected.

Therefore, if conditions such as “high buildings” are many and “thick clouds” are covered in such conditions, reception

sensitivity will be worse than usual.


In order to fly drones safely, it is important to understand the function of GPS firmly.
Even if a beginner crashes it, it is important not to use such a foundation

“Why did the crash crash?”

If I can not understand it, I can not make use of it next time, and if I do something wrong, I will continue to operate the drone without noticing it.

Not only with GPS but also knowledge and skills of Drone live on steadily learning, so let’s always study!


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