[Compass calibration] When you can not change ● ● ●!|JAPAN

[Compass calibration] When you can not change ● ● ●!|JAPAN

Compass calibration you want to keep before flight

What is compass calibration in the first place? Is it?

The interior of the drone has a very similar structure to a smartphone.

And, although everyone has a smartphone, most people do not understand the mechanism of GPS and electronic compass.

You may be asked to correct the electronic compass occasionally when touching a smartphone.
But that work can not go anywhere.

Since the electronic compass is a compass to the last, it should not go near a mass of large iron such as a car.
You should work at least 5 m away.

“North” indicated by the smartphone is not “North” but “magnetic North”.

“The true north” and “the magnetic north” are different, as the earth’s axis is inclined a little.

If you do not understand this, you will not understand the correct smart heading.

For drones, “compass calibration” is required.

Like smartphones, we need to teach “North” to drone as well.

“Compass calibration” does not need to be set every time, but it is necessary to set it when long time is placed close to a big metal such as airplane / ship.

And, of course, “compass calibration” should not go near cars, iron bridges, steel towers etc. metal.
If you compass and calibrate in an inappropriate place, if you recognize the incorrect direction at the sky, the drone may fly in the wrong direction and there is also the possibility of the worst crash.

And at this time, if you do not understand the mechanism of “electronic compass” and “calibration” of the machine, there is a possibility that it may not notice even the cause of “why the accident happened?”

No matter how many times you calibrate it will not work! | In such a case let’s change “place”!

[Compass calibration] When you can not change ● ● ●!|JAPAN

Even if compass calibration is carried out as many times as it supports, it does not work well with “error” indication.

In such a case probably there is not a problem in the way, there is a high possibility that there is a problem in the place.

As I mentioned earlier, compass calibration is the operation to make the drone itself memorize the correct “direction” at the “electronic compass” built in the drone body.

Therefore, it is meaningless if the place to be calibrated is a building made of reinforcing bars, a bridge, or near a tower.

And most of the errors are due to metallic systems that affect such magnetic fields.

Therefore, let’s check once the surrounding situation for “metallic” ones.

Calibration should be done at the shooting site!

In addition, I recommend you to do compass calibration at the shooting site!

It can also be used to check whether there is any magnetic field / magnetic interference on the site.

Therefore, let’s check and flight at places where you can definitely perform calibration!

Method of compass calibration



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