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Five characteristics that drone beginners should know and four conditions to be noted

Among those who are seeing this site

“I am interested in drone.”
“I want to do an aerial shoot!”

I think that there are also many beginners and beginners who think.

This time I will introduce five features of drone, which beginners should know.

Feature 1 | Danger when falling!

Although the weight of the drone is up to the pin, the drone weighing about 1 to 2 kg is generally used for aerial photography.
Toy loln that can be handled even by children, etc. is often under 200 g outside legal regulations.
Therefore, falling in flight will be very dangerous thing.
It is essential to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to fly drone, as well as subscribe to drone insurance considering the risk of double damage and accident of injuries.

Feature 2 | Propeller is dangerous because it rotates at high speed!

Naturally, the propeller of Drone is very dangerous.
Drone is flying with several propellers rotating at high speed.

Especially multi-copter type is certainly rotating at high speed.

Most drone bare the propeller.

Because it is made very sharp on the structure of the propeller, hands and fingers will easily be broken when touching the propeller.

I frequently saw the cutting of fingers at the emergency site of my former firefighters, but it is pretty cool.

The rotational force is not comparable with the rotation of the fan.
If you make a mistake one step, it can be a serious accident involving serious injury or life, so please be careful of it.

Especially it is scarier than those who are used to drone.

Shyly, I felt my fingers while rotating the propeller of ToyLone, I did not hurt, but it was quite painful.

Do not inadvertently approach when the propeller is rotating.

Please be careful not to bring people closer.

Since children who are curious and vigorous are truly approaching defenselessness, consider not only their own but also the surroundings.

FEATURES 3 | Requires drone maneuvering skills and expertise!

To operate the drone safely and take aerial photographs, certain maneuvering techniques are required.

Also, skipping a drone outdoors means that you are opposed to nature.

In the sky, weather and wind influence are different from the ground, so I do not know what kind of accident happens.

It is necessary to acquire skills, troubleshooting, and expertise that can calmly cope with anything happening.

Feature 4 | Attention must be paid to infringement of privacy!

In principle photography is prohibited in places where many private houses and people gather, but the aerial photographs by drone have a possibility of reflecting parts that are normally hidden or things of others.

Therefore, let’s pay close attention to privacy in terms of manners and legislation!

Feature 5 | Drone is sensitive to water and shock because it is a precision machine! It is!

Drone is not just a machine that fly in the sky but it becomes a state-of-the-art IT equipment.

Drone is also described as “Flying smart phone” as it is currently being purchased at such low price as the distribution and technology of the present smart phone is diverted as it is.

Some computers are equipped with various sensors, cameras, etc. There is a possibility of malfunction by getting wet with water or giving a shock.

By situation | Let’s see the place and situation to skip the drone!

Next, I will explain the situations that I should be careful about skipping drones.

Whether the pilot can fly the drones there when deciding where to skip the drones or where to take the aerial shots?

You have to decide if it is a suitable place to fly.

For drones it is necessary to give up flight depending on the weather and circumstances even in flight places prohibited by law and places where you can skip even if you can skip.
This time I will tell you the places and situations that are ineligible for skipping the drone.

1: Weather conditions such as rain and strong wind are bad

Most drone does not have waterproof or dustproof function.
(Phantom class also has no waterproof function)
Avoid flights on rainy days, dust, strong winds, etc., as this will cause the drones to break down.
It is wise to avoid avoiding flight instability on strong windy days.

2: Places where electromagnetic waves and radio interference are strong

Places where there are metals such as iron towers, iron bridges and railroad tracks in the surroundings are likely to cause “radio interference” between the transmitter and the receiver of the drone.
Transmitter: It may be said that avoiding flights is wise as it may be uncontrollable due to interference of controller signals.
Also, iron towers are often connected to electric wires and others, and they are easy to become obstacles for flying, so be careful.

3: Let’s stop flying in places where people gather

Skipping drones in places where many people are gathering should avoid avoiding “the risk of falling”.
Let’s avoid absolutely especially among beginners.
When there is something in trouble, I can not respond immediately.
Also, when you take an aerial photograph at an event etc., permission and merchants are often required beforehand.

4: Be careful in flight indoors as well

When I purchase a drone, I want to skip it immediately! I can be stuck with the impulse.
However, skipping the drones indoors requires skill in maneuvering.
If a person who never touched the drone suddenly skips it will definitely get confused.

Especially the Phantom class is expensive and it is very dangerous to skip in ignorance if you consider the risk of failure.
If you fly indoors, let’s practice with a safe toy lone.

Conclusion | Consciousness to “safety” is absolutely necessary for maneuvering drone! It is!

What did you think?
Drone is much cheaper in price than the conventional radio control helicopter, and is easy to operate, so it is expected that the opportunity for many people to touch will increase.

“Low price” and “Easy”

Although it looks merit at first glance, when many people touches the drone when returning the back, it means that as soon as many drongs fly in the sky, the more risks it will increase.

“Drone fly in the sky”

“And the risk of falling can be any situation”

Recognize what it is commonplace, correct knowledge and control skills.
Let’s handle the drones with correct attitude and responsibility!


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