【Introduction to Drone】 If you start drone from now on, choose Mavic PRO! 【2017】

【Introduction to Drone】 If you start drone from now on, choose Mavic PRO! 【2017】

2017 | This is Drone to buy now!

【Introduction to Drone】 If you start drone from now on, choose Mavic PRO! 【2017】

This time, “As of October 2016, if you start drone from now on this! ”
I will talk about themes.
Anyway, start with Hobby Droning first!

Less than 200 g drone

【Introduction to Drone】 If you start drone from now on, choose Mavic PRO! 【2017】

First of all, as a premise, even for a little hobby, even if you would like to go to work for Drone Yuku, you should start with “Hobby Dragon less than 200 g” at the beginning.

The reason is that there are two

1: If you skip an expensive drone in an unfamiliar state to the drone, you risk risk of falling.
2: I do not know if Drone is suitable for you in the first place
3: To not know the law concerning drone

That’s why.

Drone has “the risk of crash sure”.

In an unfamiliar condition with drone, if you handle suddenly expensive drone, the risk of crash will increase.

Even if you purchase an expensive drone suddenly, there is also the possibility that you will soon get bored of the image you were thinking.

Also, since the drone is restricted by the “Aeronautics Law” determined by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the flight place is limited.

Even if a beginner suddenly purchased an aircraft such as phantom or Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro), “I do not know where I can skip drones” or “I do not know the existence of aviation law and violate the law and drone the law It is because it may cause such things as skipping.

For that reason, beginner drone first, let’s choose from less than 200 g of Hobby Drones.

『Once you get used to Hobby Dronne it’s time to become a real model!』

【Introduction to Drone】 If you start drone from now on, choose Mavic PRO! 【2017】

Is a drones’ first hobby drones and as they grab a sense to some extent, they will gradually want full – fledged drones.

For drones beginners Hobby Drones begins, “Uo ~, drone squeeze !!
I think that I will get out of sight soon.

『Afterwards, when manipulating a full-blown drones such as “phantom 4”, there is a difference in performance enough to convince that “Hobby Drones were really hobby.”
【As of October 2016】 It is definitely superior in performance, convenience, compact and price, “Mavic PRO “』

Recently I have covered only articles by Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro), but this is really recommended! It is!
I thought that it was quite amazing when phantom 4 fell below 150,000 yen, but this Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro) is even more amazing!

Camera performance · The possession of the battery is almost the same as “phantom 4”, but the price is much cheaper, it will fit within the 500 ml PET bottle size, so it is a word of really wonderful already.

【Introduction to Drone】 If you start drone from now on, choose Mavic PRO! 【2017】

As I mentioned earlier in another article, as of 2016, it is wonderful how this Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro) is outstanding in all.

『Compared to GO PRO’s first “KARMA”』

Also, in the middle of October 2016, the first dedicated droning “KARMA” will be sold from the action camera maker’s “GO PRO”, but even compared to it, Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro) It is recommended.
Details are also written in this article

LINK:GoPro’s first drone Karma released. Mavic pro is overwhelmingly recommended!

Compared with Mavic PRO (Mavic Pro) as “KARMA” as the price difference of the aircraft, there is about 30,000 yen opening, but unclear about the function of “safety” that the drones certainly want for beginners There are too many.

For details, please see the related article above,
· Return to Home function
· Automatic obstacle avoidance function
· Advanced sensor

It is because we can not compete with Dolon’s world share number 1, regardless of what we think at the moment, in terms of safety and machine precision.

The only point to be shaken is that the drones and the camera can be used separately.

This is truly amazing.

I absolutely want the camera of “GO PRO”! On the extension from.

You can also add a droning function by paying +4 million yen! So from what I think is worth buying enough.

『If you really want to use it for business use, you should consider including Phantom 4 and Inspire 1』

As a completely “adult hobby”, it is definitely a matter of choosing Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro), but if you want to use a drone as a full-fledged project for “aerial photography” etc. We should consider including “Phantom 4” and “Inspire 1” ranked higher.

The reason is “stability of the aircraft”

Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro) also has an advanced sensor, and the stability of the aircraft is quite high in all drones, but the concern is that the weight of the aircraft is too light and about 700 g.

Drone is really susceptible to the influence of the wind, so if you want reliable stability with a drones as a work, consider phantom and inspire 1 in the field of view.

In short,

If it is an aerial photographing work that can be solved only by individuals, phantom 4
If you are involved with more than one person and want further safety and stability, inspiration 1
It will be like feeling.

Of course, Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro) will be too drone to use for business use.


【Introduction to Drone】 If you start drone from now on, choose Mavic PRO! 【2017】

What did you think?

As for myself, when Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro) first came out, I thought only about “ふ ん ん”, but the more I think about the performance and convenience, the more I think about Mavic PRO Vic pro) is only boasting of the highest performance, convenience and cost performance at the present time of October 2016.

Now, independent routes drone are sold from Parrot company and Go PRO etc, but even if I look at the drones market in the past half year, the size and performance of the aircraft has been steadily increasing and the price has been steadily decreasing.

Since it is predicted that people who are interested in drones will be increasing more and more from now on, the times will accelerate steadily ~!

I can keep an eye on the drones from now on.


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