The crucial difference between drone and radio control helicopter is whether or not “autonomy” exists!


Drone definition

Drone (DORNE) is originally a word meaning “male bee”.
Speaking of “drone” many people think that it imagines a radio control that fly in the sky with four rotating feathers.

It will be a kind of drone, but it will be widely “unmanned aerial vehicle”.
Technology that came to attract social attention tends to be ambiguous in definition, social media and artificial intelligence.

As attention gathers spread variety of technology development, or if you do not miss the trend, the number of people who call similar technology with the same name increases, and the area gradually becomes larger and ambiguous.

The image of “unmanned aircraft” is strong, but there are other drones that run on the ground and run on water or underwater.

Looking at the situation in existence, it seems that a new genre “Drone” is establishing, but the definition seems to be increasingly ambiguous.

Therefore, looking in a broad sense, since both the multi-copter type drones and the radio control helicopter are “unmanned aerial vehicles”, both are “drones” in a broad sense.

quotation:【Introductory version】 I can not ask now! | What is a drone in the first place? Is it?


However, since it is not clear, I will explain the crucial difference between the newly appearing drones and old-fashioned radio control helicopters.

(In this site we are expressing what we call a drone as a radio control helicopter, but this time we will separate the drones and radio control helicopters separately and add a theory.)

This is Drone

The crucial difference between drone and radio control helicopter is whether or not "autonomy" exists!

his is a radio control helicopter. (It is a radio controlled helicopter playing an active part in agriculture field, it is huge (⌒ – ⌒;)))

The crucial difference between drone and radio control helicopter is whether or not "autonomy" exists!

『Whether or not there is “autonomy” the definitive difference between drone and radio control helicopter』

The decisive difference between them is in “autonomy”.

In the case of a radio control helicopter, you have to keep manual operation with the “Propo” controller.

In other words, in the case of a radio control helicopter, the pilot’s arm becomes all.
However, what is called a new drowon

· Electronic compass

Is installed and it is possible for the drone himself to fly as well as the operation of the “propo” by the pilot.

If you set flight paths in advance and incorporate programming, you will be able to automatically drone the drone to your destination.

This “autonomy” is a decisive difference.

If it is a radio control helicopter, it will be the limit of the range of the pilot until it is within the eyes of the pilot, but in the case of the drones it is easy to check the flight which is not visible, the drone himself possesses high resolution cameras and sensors, You can also avoid obstacles.

『Obstacle function automatic avoidance of Phantom 4』

Even in DRONE WALKER, Phantom 4 of DJI Inc. used as a machine also has a function to automatically detect obstacles and avoid them.

Moreover, using a function of GPS like a moving picture, even if people and wind try to move a drone, it will not continue to hover at the position you decided and will not leave the route you set.

Amazon, the biggest mail order site, also announces the service called “prime air”, and it is also possible to utilize the drones to automatically deliver the products ordered quickly and accurately even if no one is present We are trying to do.

The crucial difference between drone and radio control helicopter is whether or not "autonomy" exists!

There are still many walls to go beyond, but as drone is fully utilized in the field of logistics and delivery, it seems to be the world like the science fiction futures of the near future seen in old movies.

Conclusion | The evolution of the drone industry is unusually quick

What did you think?

Recently I began listening to the names of drone more and more, but the fact that smartphones became popular is a cause.

The GPS and electronic compasses used for smartphones were diverted to the droning technology as they were.

As a result, the drones with this advanced technology have become “miniaturized” and “low price” due to the spread of smartphones.

If it is a toy, you can purchase high-performance aircraft like phantom 4 from around 5000 yen within 200,000 yen.

The evolution of the drone industry is also very fast, showing us the technology and the world unlikely to be thought every year.

Drone may show us the world that I think now is “impossible!”


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