【Selection of non-failing aircraft body】 If you want to start a business in the drone, buy these three!

【Selection of non-failing aircraft body】 If you want to start a business in the drone, buy these three!

I want to work on drone! But …

『It is Yoshitake Hotaka high school walk in the Tokai aerial.』

If you would like to make drones business in the future.

“I would like to start a business.”

But what do you want to choose for drone?

For those of you, this time we will talk about the theme “How to choose a drones that will not fail for entrepreneurs”.

『For entrepreneurs | How to choose a drones not to fail』

That is why it is also a title, but I will introduce a recommended drone in the beginning.

【Selection of non-failing aircraft body】 If you want to start a business in the drone, buy these three!

Commercial drone boasting the strongest COSPA “DJI Phantom 4”
200 g or less Strongest “Dobby”

Ideal for drone maneuvering! “Holy stone”

Three are recommended.

Let’s explain one at a time!

『Anyway! Hobby drones “Holy Stone company” of about 10,000 yen is recommended for introduction to drone!』

【Selection of non-failing aircraft body】 If you want to start a business in the drone, buy these three!

In addition to those who want to make drones as a business, we recommend that all drones begin practicing with Hobby Drones below 200 g first.

There are two reasons.

that is

Risk of fall: If you crash an expensive drone suddenly the damage is big!

I can tell myself that the drones are suitable.

It is two.

Well whichever is cost-effective, but suddenly surprised

“I will buy expensive Phantom and Inspire 1 suddenly because I start up as a drone!”

Even if you say that, even though you are proficient enough to master drone itself there is always a risk of “crash”.

And, of course, the risk of crash is naturally higher in a situation where you are not familiar with drone.

If you crash an expensive model suddenly, you will receive considerable damage both mentally and monetarily.

Also, even if you survey it as if you do “work in the drones!”

“It was not interesting at all! It was different from what I thought.”
That is something that is often done.

For that matter anything in any way, let ‘s start with Hobby Dronne, which is sold around 10,000 yen first.

Also recommended among hobby drones is the drones of “Holy Stone” company.

Although it is unsuitable for practice in the room, there is a considerable speed feeling, it is difficult to steer.

for that reason. As you can successfully navigate this drone, you will be able to handle commercial drone such as “Phantom” smoothly.

You can understand if you watch the movie, but you can play quite a bit.
In addition, there is “the wall of regulation of 200 g” in Drone, and the drone of 200 g or more is restricted by the law of the “Aeronautics law” established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Therefore, you must start where you find the place to fly, so you can not practice casually.

“200 g or less” is not considered “drones” as it is said, so you can fly in nearby parks.

(It is natural, but it is a flying object, so it is necessary to pay close attention to surrounding safety.)

The drone primer is a hobby dronne that is less than 200 g, let’s practice your arms well.

Hobby Drones’ battery time is roughly 7 to 10 minutes, but if you can keep hovering so that it will not fall to the ground, it is OK to get out of beginners.

『Holy stone company “x 300 c” | This is the highest peak of Hobby Drones.』


『For commercial drone, DJI’s Phantom 4 is recommended!』

【Selection of non-failing aircraft body】 If you want to start a business in the drone, buy these three!

Well, after practicing with Hobby Dronne ahead, I will move on to the drone, which I can finally use for work.

What I recommend is DJI’s “Phantom 4”

We are introducing the function so much that it is tedious even at this site, but the price and performance on this Phantom 4 is outstanding for wonderful work.

The photo above will be DJI’s mail order page, but now it is 146,722 yen!
Whether it is high or low, I think that it is a personal opinion, I think that I am cheap.

Let’s start a business with a drone from now!
That business tool, and now you can buy the highest level drone in the world for about 150,000 yen.

This is horrible.

It is incredibly low cost as a start-up fund.

By the way, since I bought it before the sale of “200 dollar”, I bought it for 189,000 yen (⌒ – ⌒;)
(Moreover, I was selling as soon as I bought it, so I want you to serve me seriously …)

And if you actually use Phantom 4 you can tell, but it is already wonderfully high performance.

Hey, really it’s 150,000!

It is packed with advanced performance and technology enough to think.

『Phantom4 Videos』

I will mention about all models Phantom 3 once, but honestly “Phantom 3 Professional” can also be fully utilized for business purposes.

I was lost as to which one to purchase, but the most scary thing to deal with the drones is the risk of “crash”.

Also, only if your aircraft “crashes”, it is good, but if the property of a person or another person is involved, the damage will be immeasurable.

And no matter how much safety you pursue, no matter what safety you are pursuing, what you deal with is a person, and the machine itself can not be perfect, so pursuing “safety” results in the selection of the safest Phantom 4 at the moment I got it.

『By the way, if you decide now, the new DJI company ‘Mavic Pro’ we introduced last time is also pretty hard to throw away.』

While this one is lighter in weight and compact in size, its performance is superior comparable to “Phantom 4”, which is very good!

Just being light weight means weakening the wind.

Although it can be understood by actually dealing with various weight drones, it is impossible for us to think about this stability with a weight of about 800 g in consideration of this weather.

Well, whichever you choose, “Aerial shooting” is equipped with “4K camera”, and it is a level that can be used sufficiently for work.

『Finally under 200 g and the strongest in 2016 “Dobby”』

【Selection of non-failing aircraft body】 If you want to start a business in the drone, buy these three!

The last thing to introduce is “Dobby”.

This drone is the strongest drones in the drones that let you fly freely without limiting the “air law” of 200 g or less.

As I mentioned earlier, the most troubling task in making drones work is the wall of the “air law”.

However, “Dobby” makes it possible to fly in a free place, especially without taking legal restraint.

You can also fly in densely populated areas (DID) etc. in the center of the city.

What is amazing about this!

It is to be able to collect “niche” work which can not be done with commercial drone such as Phantom 4.

There are few mothers still working drones yet, but there will definitely be more drone pilots and workers in the future.

In such a case, what is important as an entrepreneur always is to aim for “niche”.

We always try to find something that people are not doing or find a gap market.

It is exactly “a strategy of the weaker of Ranchester”, but it is important as an entrepreneur to continue to think whether you can always compete in a “niche” market.

Well at this stage “Drone” itself is a niche, but (⌒ – ⌒;)

In any case, by using “Dobby”, it is not damaging to keep thinking whether new markets can be created from now.

Even the former DJI company “Mavic”, if technology of a large model such as Phantom is established, the miniaturization and high performance will definitely evolve next.

The relationship between weight and law differs from country to country,
“Drone flying in the air”

As it is said, the evolution of miniaturization and high performance will no longer stop.


Last but not least,
1: Practice piloting at Holy Stone’s Hobby Drones. Even if you purchase Phantom or Dobby, repeating practice alternately improves the technique of maneuvering reliably.
2: DJI Phantom 4: A perfect level for business use. It is a word of wonderful.
If it is a little higher level I think that it is also “Inspire 1” and if you want to use it for indoor inspections as well “Mavic Pro”.
3: 200 g or less Strongest “Dobby”: Drone to receive orders for work not subject to the legal limit of 200 g or less.
It is also very useful for practicing drones in the room.
That’s why I am happy to start a business with a drone · I will refer you on my work.


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