Talk about making a small drone “Tiny Whoop” frame on a 3D printer (3rd)

Talk about making a small drone "Tiny Whoop" frame on a 3D printer (3rd)

Synopsis to the last time.

We have identified the following four requirements for 3D data designed using CAD software.
Be able to mount a LiPo battery that is expected to be used.
Easy attachment and detachment of the motor.
It is possible to output without problem with a 3D printer which is not so high performance.
It is easy to change the design when the dimensions of various parts change.

『The CAD software I use is Autodesk’s Fusion 360.』

What is cited as a feature of this CAD software is that it can use all functions free of charge for non-profit purposes despite being very sophisticated.

『Click here for 3D data designed using Fusion 360 (Figure 1)』

Talk about making a small drone "Tiny Whoop" frame on a 3D printer (3rd)

We also designed parts for mounting lipo batteries here (Fig. 2, Fig. 3).

Talk about making a small drone "Tiny Whoop" frame on a 3D printer (3rd)

Talk about making a small drone "Tiny Whoop" frame on a 3D printer (3rd)

I have been designing parts of 3D printers with Fusion 360, outputting them as 3D printers, and applying them to 3D printers to improve usability.

『Two things necessary to master 3D printers』

If you talk about this to a person who is interested in the design of 3D data,

『”How did you learn how to use Fusion 360?”』

I will be asked the question.

I think that the corrective way to remember how to use Fusion 360 is roughly divided into two.
1. Join the seminar that will teach you how to use Fusion 360.
2. Buy and self-tame books that describe how to use Fusion 360.

For 1, various seminars are held nationwide from beginners to advanced users regardless of whether they are free or paid.
For book 2, books that are written according to the learner’s level are sold for beginners to advanced users.

『I was a beginner at first.』

I have almost never touched the CAD software until I purchased a 3D printer, so I took part in a paid beginner seminar and learned how to use it.
Of course, if you go to the seminar, you will not be able to use Fusion 360 right away.

After attending the seminar, I remembered how to use as follows.

『Things that we tried to master 3D printers』

1. Perform tasks in which basic operations are aggregated out of the seminar task once a day. I kept this for roughly a month.
2. I tried designing what I thought as “wanting” around me. For example, boxes that contain small items, and fasteners for cables coming out of the PC.

There are sites on the net where you can learn how to use it, but rather, you get a lot of impression that you are dealing with countermeasure therapy such as “to do this”.

Based on experience, if you want to be able to design at least the drone frame from the beginning, we recommend that you participate in a seminar where you can learn important things step by step one by one.

To participate, we had to bring a PC with Fusion 360 installed.
Although it is a PC, it is required as it is machine specification (force required for 3D display).

I think that there is explanation from the organizer at the time of participation, but it is better to confirm beforehand that the Fusion 360 will work properly on the bringing PC. When I actually participated in the seminar, due to lack of PC performance, there were several participants who Fusion 360 did not work satisfactorily as I advanced a little work.

Depending on the venue it seems that you have rented PCs with no problem to do the tasks, so if you are concerned about the performance of your PC you should be consulted beforehand.

Next time, we will output the designed 3D data with a 3D printer.


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