LCC checked baggage limit up to 7 kg | Weight Over & Drone Somehow I could pass through.


『LCC checked baggage limit is 7 kg in total | If overweight & even if you brought in drone somehow it passed.』

It is Yoshitake Hotaka high school walk in the Tokai aerial.

This time I will talk about overseas travel art.

Previously, can you bring a drone into an airplane?

At the same time at the same time, what I care about is how to clear a total of 7 kg of checked baggage while going overseas trips, using LCC?

Now it is a time when it is very effective to utilize “LCC” to go cheaply for overseas trips.

If traveling in a nearby Asian region such as Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, etc., it was a really useful time to get overseas cheaply, as the price was cheap, and it was cheaper than a domestic trip.

Regarding the service of LCC, it is described in detail here, but its characteristic is “cheap” to go abroad anyway.

It is because it eliminates in-flight meals, and depending on some people it is possible to go on a trip with a plan tailored to the person by eliminating checked baggage etc.

『Here I will focus on how to clear the condition that the weight of checked baggage is 7 kg or less.』

Now it is possible to substitute many functions with one smartphone and so on, so we can reduce that package even overseas such as overseas.

Therefore, if you go overseas trips even cheaply, I would like to bring as much baggage as possible without depositing.

If it is checked baggage, it will cost + 3000 yen or more, depending on the destination and the weight of the package.

How heavy was this trip?

I myself went on a trip to Malaysia and Taiwan until the other day, but the luggage I had was terrible again.

One week’s change for clothes

  • Drone (phantom 4)
  • Single lens reflex camera (Canon EOS KISS 7)
  • Osmo Mobile (Ozumo Mobile)
  • Computer (Macbook AIR)
  • External HDD
  • memory card

『Mostly except for changing clothes, it was a photographic equipment, but I packed all of these in backpacks.』

And when I paid it to one backpack, I thought that it would manage somehow, but I knew after that,For most companies that do LCC service, the weight of carry-on baggage is up to 7 kg.

I was shocked to hear that, in a hurry, weigh the backpack.
Then, it was over 7 kg over room (⌒-⌒;)

Well it is.

And it is how much you want to put Tsukkomi in.

Therefore, I was worried very much whether I should check in my checked baggage in advance.

From the airport, if you decide to leave your belongings on the spot, the charge for that will be rather expensive.

Therefore, do you take baggage with a stick and pay a penalty fee?

Or it will manage somehow. Do you believe that you should push through the cabin?

In conclusion, I decided to go with a strategy to push it with carry-on by thinking that it would become a story of talking even if I got a penalty well.

『From Jetstar | From Centrair to Taipei』

The best gate is the airport in Japan.

It seems that the Japanese staff are the most secure, so I thought that it would be possible if we could pass even here.

I will check in at the airport reception.

The staff is Japanese.

Even if you look at it, it was nervous whether you could pass a huge backpack that seemed likely to be more than 10 kg in weight without being thrust into it,
Staff “Do you have any luggage to check?”

I “No, it’s okay.”

Staff “Ah, is that so ~ I understand ~!”

It was easy to pass through this exchange alone.

It is relieved to be relieved

In short it will be anything unless you get thrust into a tour operator such as Jetstar.

『Just before getting on an airplane』

 LCC checked baggage limit up to 7 kg | Weight Over & Drone Somehow I could pass through.

No way, I do not think that drone is in it.

Then I passed safely through the 1st barrier, but after that I was not concerned with the weight of the backpack, but I was worried whether the drone would catch on something.

Metal detection inspection etc, scanned, what is this! Is it?

I was worried about being thrust in, but this passed unexpectedly extraordinarily.

Well it is never imaginable that phantom 4 is packed in this backpack (⌒ – ⌒;)

That ‘s why I cleared the problem safely.

Now that drone has become mainstream pretty much, I think that it will not get caught in the airport unless you go to the country of the frontier so far.

『Focus on the gate of the plane!』

Well I thought it would be okay if I got through so far, but announcements like Jetstar’s guidance will annoy me anxiety at the gate of the aircraft’s boarding gate.

Staff “We can bring two items to the airport, weighing up to 7 kg.
Please summarize more than three people well. ”

Hey, are you serious? (⌒ – ⌒;)

Do you do luggage inspection now?

Because I am making a backpack and a small waist pouch, I have two baggage, but the weight is undoubtedly dangerous!

What will happen if you get stuck here? Is it?

While full of anxiety, however, at the boarding gate I got a face as usual and gave him a ticket.

Then it is easy to deal with!

Especially I could ride an airplane without being thrust into the luggage.

This was really good!

So, at Jetstar in Japan passed safely without catching up on baggage inspection.
I will go through the digest afterwards.

『Air Asia | Taiwan ➡ ︎ Malaysia · Kota Kinabalu』

I could pass through here too.

At the time of check-in, another foreigner was being weighed, so I thought it was okay, but passed by anything.

Introduction I was asked if it was “Japanese”, and since then it was too smooth, it may have been a Japanese effect.

Returning plane

『Air Asia | Malaysia · Kota Kinabalu ︎︎ Taiwan』

I could pass this too easily.

Malaysia and so on, other tests are done with a reasonably appropriate feeling.

According to the key you who asked for the guide this time living in Malaysia, it is said that there are many cases that do not pay the fee to pay, because there are
not local people or much local people even with a heavy weight.

So it seems like you do not pay anything even if you make baggage as checked baggage.

It is amazing, is not it? (⌒-⌒;)

『Jetstar | Taiwan ➡ ︎ Centrea』

I thought that it would be safe if I got here.

At the time of the last airport check-in, the reception staff (beautiful older sister)

Staff “Is all the luggage carried in the cabin?”

I “Yes!”

Staff “Please let me inspect once.”

I “Well!”

While being embarrassed, if you put on a measure,

Weight of 9.6 kg characters (⌒ – ⌒;)

Bonus The waist pouch contains camera equipment and so on, so it’s a premonition that it will be about 13 kg if it matches.

Oh, I thought about paying a tribunal for this, I thought about paying an additional fee, but there was an unexpected word from the staff there

Staff “I’m overweighting, it’s really up to 7 kg, please be careful from the next moment.”
I “Sorry, I will be careful next time.”

So I could pass safely.

Internal, oh ~ ~ Really!

I was able to pass through all ~! It is!
While thinking, I regretted that I should pay attention to the weight and quantity of the baggage I take.

Conclusion | LCC’s carry-on baggage is up to 7 kg, but there is a possibility that it will be able to pass through if some overweight is over.

Well it is not praised much, but on this trip I was able to get on an airplane without paying extra fee, especially for baggage more than 7 kg over.

Well, in my case it was a backpack, but in case of a suitcase etc. besides weight, you should be careful, as there are restrictions on the size of the carry case depending on the airline.

In that case, there is a high possibility that it will be checked baggage at first glance, so somehow you can do what you can do in advance.

In many cases, if you do not try to bring in a heavy load with an appearance impression, it is normal to bring it in the cabin and many do not have a weight check, so I think that you can pass safely.

Well this also does not know how far the staff of the airline strictly inspects this, and because there are features unique to that country, it is a part that can not be said anything.


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