For the first purchase of DJI drone, consider phantom 4 as a base. 【Fiscal Year 2016】

For the first purchase of DJI drone, consider phantom 4 as a base. 【Fiscal Year 2016】

Purchase for the first time drone from DJI

This time I will talk about the theme “Purchase of the first drone”.

If you purchase a hobby drone of 200 g or less and get accustomed to piloting the drone so far, you will want the Drone from DJI.

However, in 2016 I do not know what kind of drone to choose because it is a drone rush
When comparing various products of DJI company, it becomes “phantom 4” that becomes the center in terms of price and function.

『First of all, I will introduce about phantom 4.』

Let’s start with a bulleted list.

  • Price (As of November 28 during Christmas sale): 123000 yen (This figure is unknown how long)
  • 4K camera installed
  • Flight time maximum 27 minutes (actually 20 minutes)
  • RTH function (safety)
  • Obstacle detection function (safety)
  • Active track function

It will be like this sort of thing.

Well, if you introduce more detailed functions, there is no gulp, so if you want to know details please refer to DJI’s website etc.

『About the price of Phantom 4』

The initial price of Phantom 4 in 2016 was “189000 yen” and the current price of phantom 4 Pro.

It got discounted before the launch of Mavic PRO (Marvic Pro) and it became possible to buy it considerably cheaply.

By the way, I own phantom 4, I bought it for 189000 yen (⌒-⌒;)

And now it is called Christmas sale and the price is cheaper further.

The price of this phantom 4 is exquisite standing position.

  • Mavic PRO is 119,800 yen
  • Phantom4Pro is 189,000 yen
  • Inspire 2 is 361,000 yen

Compare these prices and functions, it becomes the standard of which drones you choose yourself.

For details, please check DJI’s online page.

Somehow, it seems that DJI has arranged Mavic PRO and phantom 4 in line.

『DJI’s selection of drone is refreshed when considering Phantom 4 as a base.』

So I briefly introduced Phantom 4.


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