【Useful for drone flight improvement】 Learn the habit of attaching flight records!

【Useful for drone flight improvement】 Learn the habit of attaching flight records!

Do you have a flight record?

It is Yoshitake Hotaka high school walk in the Tokai aerial.

This time I will talk about recommendation of habit of attaching flight record when flying drones.

There is an item that the drone maneuvering time is 10 hours or more as an item necessary when applying for flight permission to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

At that time it is easier to trust the persons of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport staff to attach the flight record.

Submitting a lie flight log here will not be for the principal after all, so let’s practice about 10 hours of practical training.

We also published articles that share the training method, but I realize that the drone maneuvering is still sweet just by practicing about 10 hours.

『Aside | In the case of DJI products nature and flight logs can be attached』

【Useful for drone flight improvement】 Learn the habit of attaching flight records!

In the case of DJI famous for the phantom series, it is very convenient because the record that flushed to the smart application “DJI GO” will remain in nature.

As shown in the figure above, we can see at a glance the map of the place of flight and flight time, and what kind of route it flew.

『Especially people who want to work drones should put on flight logs!』

Although the use of drone is person, each person has a lot of business opportunities, it is not only to take aerial photography with just a hobby, there are also many people thinking to actually use it also for work Is it?

Especially, I think that many of those who issue flight permission application have a high consciousness for business.

Therefore, when the flight permission falls for a period of three months, we must make that report to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

If you use it for business use, you need to keep a solid record anyway.

Also, by firmly attaching the flight record, the mysterious sense of responsibility comes out as “I use drones as work”, so the awareness and responsibility for the drones will increase. (This is true.)

Therefore, those who started practicing drone are profitable something that puts in the habit of attaching flight records from the beginning.

『The time to practice drone is limited.』

The time to practice drone is definitely limited due to the battery.

Speaking of phantom 4, the maximum flight time is 28 minutes.

Even if you take two spare batteries, it will be approximately 60 minutes to 75 minutes by one field flight.

For drones other than phantom the flight time per flight will be shorter.

Once you return to your house and recharge it again, you can practice with that time twice a day, but I think that few people will have time to go there.

Also, I think that some people take time very much to travel to places where they can fly.

As a result, once training is very important.

In order to practice efficiently it is important to attach flight records.

So, by recording the flight time and what kind of training you have done, you will see a question on what
you are not satisfied with yourself and what kind of exercise you should do in the future.

In this way you can acquire efficient practice methods that match yourself even if you are unconscious by attaching records.

Since time to practice drone is limited, attaching a flight record to cherish once per once is a very recommended method.

『It is also recommended to blog』

I also want to share this blog as well as those who came to see this site, but I am trying to keep a record for myself more than anything.
Whether you are turning on flight records or blogging. Because it is troublesome to write if it is too sharp-edged, I am conscious to loose ~.

I am still looking for ways to feed back with what I feel, but I also hope to be able to provide something that can be shared with everyone as long as I can make a model of a good flight record.


What did you think?

There are various merits in attaching flight record in flying drones.

At first it may be a hassle, but once you get used to it you will not feel uneasy unless you add a record.
Personally, it is recommended to blog it.

Because you can always visitors and readers when you keep on getting on, you can find a new drones companion.

Please try challenging by attaching flight record!


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