“Phantom 3 came to our house! “Second hand phantom 3 is the best for practice!

"Phantom 3 came to our house! "Second hand phantom 3 is the best for practice!

『Finally I will hand out the DJI drone!』

Hello, this is SHU!

I will continue writing this time also (laugh)

I was posting exercises to land on the last toilet paper last time

Moreover, although the mission is not cleared, the picture when trying on the PET bottle is kore.

『Drone indoor practice | PET bottle failure compilation』

I feel ashamed and shameless. . . (Crying)

Because the camera is under the aircraft, removed it and belly of the fuselage? I was trying hard to land at the part ofAt last the mind was broken, or before that I practiced too much and the Toy Lone came broke.

With such a thing (what kind of thing! Do not thrust me …),

From A who is taught about drone How about buying Phantom soon? It is said

In myself, it was quite ecstatic feeling that “Kore has been allowed to practice so far” (laugh)

Just around the time there was news that MAVIC will be released from DJI and know from the GoPro that the drone will be released in the news

There was also Phantom 4, and I had various delusions within myself which one to buy.

『Make it sorrowful until you buy a drone. It is also one of fun!』

I think that you also have experience, is not it fun to be messed up when you are having trouble buying something?
Just as I was worried about the pocket and the wife’s hospitality, I was worrying about what to do.


But even if I am suffering from it,

“Mr. A, what would you like to do?”
“You better practice piloting for the time being, for the time being, I think that it is second hand good so that it can fall down!”

“Used ~?”

I started drone together and Mr. B has a brand new shiny drone. . .

Even though I take pictures of beautiful things. . .

And while thinking, Mr. A is a master in me (I am up in the age …)

What the teacher says is absolute. (Born in Showa era)

It does not mean that you can not find a person who sells second hand
I do not have such a site,

“Try looking at Yahoo auction for the time being!

First of all I want to practice piloting so Phantom 3 is OK! Your words.

  •  But I can not find any affordable items!
  •  Since it is an auction form even if found, the price rises unprecedentedly
  •  Fully used items are sold
  •  I do not know whether the information posted is true or not

That’s my personal impression. . .

It was the timing to change minor from Phantom 4 to Phantom 4 Pro at that time

Phantom 3 was exhibited pretty well, but I could not find a good thing in the middle
Maybe I can buy it by Yahoo! Auction, right? When I started thinking

Finally, if affordable Phantom 3 Advanced is out and you missed it, you can not buy it for the whole time? Why
While thinking exaggeratedly, I was able to get within the assumed amount safely \ (^^) /

『The first memorable Phantom! There is this.』

 "Phantom 3 came to our house! "Second hand phantom 3 is the best for practice!

I hurriedly opened the box I sent and confirmed it
It’s not too bad enough! It is!

Now, I’m going to skip ~! I thought it was


Where can you fly?

That’s right, because I live in Tokyo, I have few places to skip. . .

『In Tokyo it’s hard to find a drone’s flight place!』

 "Phantom 3 came to our house! "Second hand phantom 3 is the best for practice!

The red part of this map is a no-fly area. . .
Nearly annihilation in Tokyo. . . (Crying)
Next time I will rely on this map to verify where to fly.




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