Hobby drones less than 200 g are recommended for drone pilot progress!

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Hobby drones less than 200 g are recommended for drone pilot progress!

It is the continuation reason why Hobby Dronn is recommended first introduced in the previous section.

Drone tends to think “easy to navigate”. Surely those who have piloted a certain degree of commercial drone, such as Phantom 4, I understand that you can understand, but anyone can do it if you skip drones.

However, there are many things you have to be careful about handling drone body, propeller, propo etc. For that, it is necessary to improve the drone maneuvering technique every day.

Before that, if you have a purpose such as “I want to take a beautiful aerial photograph,” “I want to use a drone for business”, training is required. In this time, we will introduce some points that Hobby Dronne who is less than 200 g is better than the commercial drone about the progress of such a drone’s maneuvering technique.

Part 1: Hobby Drones are more difficult to navigate than Commercial Drone!

Hobby drones are more difficult to navigate than commercial drones such as Phantom 4. You can understand this if you actually pilot. It is hardly difficult. This will be the boundary between commercial dollon and hobby drones,

· Can you fly autonomously?
Weight 200 g or less (This will be explained later.)

It will be the border.
Hobby Dronne has no function to autonomously hover, if it is for commercial use, once it floats once, it stops automatically in the air.

If it is a hobby drone, you must always operate with the controller to hover. And keep on making “hovering” on the spot, it is quite difficult.

Let ‘s make it the first goal to keep drone flying without dropping it once in Hobby Drones. (Hobby Dronne’s flight time is about 10 minutes in most cases.)

Part 2: Hobby Dronne has less restrictions on the law, so the place or condition that can be practiced is very loose

If it is less than 200 g of Hobby Dronne, it does not apply to “Drone” defined in the Aeronautics Act, so you can skip drone, especially without being restricted by law. (Under 200 g seems to be deemed to be a toy rather than a drones by law)

If it is a drone weighing more than 200 g, it is hard to find that practice place. Especially novice has no knowledge or experience, so you will not know what is right answer and what is no mistake. It is subject to “punishment” if you fly at a place you should not skip a drone that you should not skip on carelessly.

Of course, I can not stop doing things I did not know.

If you are a hobby dronne, you can practice well if you aim at a time when there is little traffic in a wider park. However, even though it is not restricted by law etc., drone fly in the sky and hobby drones crash easily, so let’s practice so that the third person never inconveniences!
* Supplement: In Tokyo, Osaka, etc., even if it is a hobby drone, it may be caught by the ordinance of the park to fly the flying object itself. If you are fulfilling to fly Hobby Drones in a nearby park, it is better to investigate whether you can really fly there beforehand.

The first one is suddenly not more than 100,000 yen for commercial use, we recommend Hobby Drones, but after improving the technology with an airframe that is easy to touch the drone in the beginning and the habit of operation You can operate the drones steadily when you move to the commercial drone.

As for my experiences, when I first operated with Holy Stone’s Hobby Drones, I handled a lot of handling and setting, but I was deeply moved by the operability when I bought Phantom 4.

I think that the one from which firmly practiced with hobby droning once more than the commercial model such as Phantom 4 gets a solid foundation of drone maneuvering.

Travel Tips | What is the regulation below 200 g! Is it?

From 10th December 2015, the Drone Regulation Law (Amendment Air Law) has been enforced, and there are restrictions on flight methods such as airplane prohibited areas and night flight. (In case of violation it will be a fine of 500,000 yen or less.)

However, it is a drone with a weight of 200 g or more that is subject to regulation.

In other words, the drone weighing less than 200 g is not subject to regulation. Because it is light and less than 200 g, it is difficult for big injuries to occur even if you hit it, and if it says it is treated as a toy. There is also the merit that there is little risk that the drone itself will be damaged even if it crashes.


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