When the skill comes after the flight time exceeds 10 hours, let’s apply for permission approval ~ Part 1 ~ 【Flight approval of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport】

When the skill comes after the flight time exceeds 10 hours, let's apply for permission approval ~ Part 1 ~ 【Flight approval of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport】

◇ Application for approval / approval is not difficult – Never raise hurdles yourself

Application In conclusion, I think it will be like this.
Of course it is far easier than high school entrance examinations, university entrance exams and entrance exams at various schools, but of course I think that it is totally gentle compared to something “service assistant” or “hot spring bath instructor” that I got I will.

Both of them are private qualifications, but the final two-day course also has 60 to 70 paper tests. The cost is certainly about 40,000 yen. (Does not boast so much … <(_ _)>)

Flying approval is simple and easy compared with subsidies / subsidy applications!

And, although it is not an exam, I think that hurdles are much lower than subsidies even for various applications.

Regarding subsidies, I have been approved by applying for the Small Business Administration ‘s “founding grant”.

It is not comparable anymore

① Initiative
② Specific business plan
③ Drop in numerical values
④ Clear explanation
… ….

There are memories that I tried hard as much as it gets sharp heads even now even hello.

(So ​​there seems to be something like an administrative scrivener)

So please do not hesitate to have a flight time and skill above me, please challenge! I heard that ….

Let’s take a closer look at how to handle it.

First of all, it is Mr. Sun-gyu’s weapons “Know your enemies and get to know the battlefield only if you know yourself.”

Let’s take a look at the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Airlines.

Link: September 1, Heisei 28 – About preparation of application documents –

Please do not be surprised.

When the skill comes after the flight time exceeds 10 hours, let's apply for permission approval ~ Part 1 ~ 【Flight approval of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport】
It is always at the office. (Lol)

Already, looking at this page, “Difficult | ω ·`) Noah “” It looks so troublesome “” If you have expertise ”

Let’s stop it!

Because it may be aimed at …

Although reviewing, the application documents will be ⑴ ~.

⑴ Application for permission and approval concerning the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles
(2) Standards of conformity on function and performance of unmanned aerial vehicles
⑶ Flight history · knowledge · ability confirmation sheet for those who fly unmanned aerial vehicles
④ Map of flight route
⑸ Design drawing or photograph (multifaceted) which can understand the specifications of unmanned aerial vehicles and control devices A copy of the relevant part of the instruction manual or the like describing the operation limit of the unmanned aerial vehicle and the method of flying the unmanned aerial vehicle (including the method of inspection and maintenance)
Material describing the past flight record or training record etc of the pilot
Documents showing compliance with additional standards according to the contents requiring permission etc
⑼ Flight Manual

It looks so troublesome? No!

But when I first saw this
“Wow ~ I am afraid, it seems so hard …” “I thought that it was impossible for amateurs (‘· ω ·`).

Still, I will rethink and try to verify it individually with each one, or see the model solution (properly launched ~ haha), it turns out that it is not so difficult.

It seems that the enemies have delivered ① ~ ⑨ and the strongest members, but, no need to worry – it is only a matter of taking time to crack individuals. You can omit it or just circle it, and like me

⑴ Overall Fukuoka prefecture
⑵ Within 30 meters
⑶ Event
④ night flight
⑸ Out-of-sight flight

+ Multiple machine application

Even if you attach the attached document separately to all the applications, it will only be 8 sheets.

An example answer is “this example of permission / application description”

When the skill comes after the flight time exceeds 10 hours, let's apply for permission approval ~ Part 1 ~ 【Flight approval of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport】


Let’s explain about the application body this time.

1 It is the one that comes to

① of the application procedure document and it is the most important thing.

First of all, please do not scurry.

At first glance it seems to be difficult, but I am going to be the most crispy.

I will write my own address, name, address.

Electronic applications provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will be fun, but do not trust electrons anyway In the beginning I will communicate by e-mail, so please do not mistake the address!

And most of all, the enemy ‘s favor (laugh) is that a form is prepared for both the application form and the attached document,In principle it is good if you change it separately.

Let the goal of the flight be “aerial shooting”. If you do survey elsewhere, you should do survey ■, it is good to report according to purpose for both coverage and security.

Date and time of flight: Since it can be done from 3 months if it is a comprehensive application, you should write the number of days in 3 months.

The route of flight: Do you know such a thing ~ it is ahead … (laugh), but you should write it exactly like the model answer.

Flight altitude: less than 150 m

When the skill comes after the flight time exceeds 10 hours, let's apply for permission approval ~ Part 1 ~ 【Flight approval of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport】

Aside from that, when I first sky-photographed the building group in the Ropponmatsu redevelopment area of ​​Fukuoka city, this area becomes the entry route of the aircraft (under the control of Fukuoka Airport), and with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,

Transport and Tourism I applied separately to the Fukuoka airport office and applied for permission.

Reason for flying the airborne airspace

□ We omit two because they are troublesome. (It will also be discussed with the airport office that has jurisdiction)

I will sky over the area where people or houses are concentrated.

It is probably the most used place in aerial photography.
The reason is model answer, I think that I should refer to my wording.

Perhaps it is better to pay within two lines so that the balance will not be lost.

Article 132 2 – // ~ Reason to fly

I will attach a ■ in light of the category in which I actually flew the training.
Naturally I have never transported dangerous goods or throw property, so I am doing it.

Manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles ~ / / ~ necessary items

Again we will fill in the model name and serial number with reference to the model answer.

I am applying for two types of aircraft at once.

The airframe numbers are obviously different, and 4 and 4 pro are different, so you have to write them separately. But the enclosure also fits inside as good as it is (laugh)

Function of unmanned aerial vehicle ~ / / ~ matter

As it becomes an additional material, proceed as written according to the model answer. I will explain it as Chan in the second part. (Next flight aircraft (laugh)

Flight history of unmanned aerial vehicle ~ / / ~ Matters concerning ability

I will also write like this in the same way as the model answer.

It is also the same as the previous matter, but here it means “Attach the attached material after the 3rd sheet, seeing it there!”

(‘ー `) So I think that the description is almost copyable.

Naturally, self-declaration is in sexual theory, let’s grasp Chang and its contents, and familiarize its contents. (Actually required maneuvering level is high Sokosoko … at least to me (lol)

When making an unmanned airplane fly ~ / / ~ matter concerning

I will write “Aeronautical station standard manual” …… People who like to make themselves can make original ones, but I do not accept certification for government.
Other reference matters

I will write about insurance. I think that writing should be done according to the model answer.
Although the person below is my original, it is my original (lol), I will write it briefly on this occasion that you are going to use curiosity to guarantee safety. For your reference…


By interacting with several aviation bureaus, it was said that “I was able to write a person who was approved last time”, so I am writing an acquisition number.


How about that?
This time, it is only 2 applications in a narrow sense, I think that it was not so difficult.

Somehow I feel something wrong with the wording of the government office, but it is only a matter of riding skillfully on their doors.
As you already have enough career and knowledge, you just have to defeat it dignified!


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