What is a 3D printer in the first place?

What is a 3D printer in the first place?

What is a 3D printer?

Up to now, I think that the image such as New Year’s cards, corporate documents, school reports, etc. are printed on paper as most printers.

However, in the last few years the scope of what the term printer is defined has been expanded.

That’s because “3D printers” for making “solid” ones have appeared.

How does 3D printer become three dimensional?

It is faster to actually see it in movies, but what 3D printers share in common is to make shapes into 3 dimensional solid by stacking materials of 2 dimensions or planes little by little .

「A 3D printer expanding more and more. Making things that become more and more familiar」

Also, in recent years technology has developed and the noise etc. in the making process has been reduced to a great extent.

Also, since the price is also cheap, its hurd is falling to purchase even for the general public.

The number of places to actually introduce is increasing even at schools and small business establishments (like my place).

For that reason, “making things” themselves have become more and more familiar.

So far

There may have been an image of “MONODZUKURI = Factory”, but that is changing drastically.

An era in which various things can be easily made easily in a few places in everyday life is coming so far.

“3D cafe” A cafe where anyone can easily enjoy 3D printers

The above is a manufacturing café located in Sapporo, but this way manufacturing becomes more and more familiar.

「What can we output with a 3D printer?」

I myself thought that it was only plastic accessories for small things that can be made with a 3D printer the other day.

However, now 3D printers that are active in various fields are appearing.

Large ones to be used at construction sites, things for medical use that can be used at hospitals, and foods and foods can also be output with 3D printers.

「Downloading a new house, housing construction using a 3D printer in the UK」

「3D Printer Application Case – Save the Life of a Young Girl – Medical Site | Stratasys」

XYZ 3D printer demonstration for candy, cookie, deco choco etc. Eatable sweets 3D print

3D printer expectation for future activities

What did you think?

Now, do not you feel that the life of the future will change dramatically just by introducing it easily?

The utilization of the 3D printer itself has just begun.

For the general public it may be felt that the threshold is high, but it seems to become more and more familiar.


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