Phantom4advance is recommended by Mavic PRO for the second person to unsatisfied people!

Phantom4advance is recommended by Mavic PRO for the second person to unsatisfied people!

Advance appears in the Phantom 4 series

Phantom4advance is recommended by Mavic PRO for the second person to unsatisfied people!

It is Drone Walker editor-in-chief Yoshitake Hotaka.

Just the other day On April 13, 2017, DJI announced the release of Phantom 4 series “advance”.

DJI Online Shop: http: // _k = t8ft9n

From the website of DJI’s head office

What are the main differences between Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Advanced?

Operators can use the new intelligent suite.

Phantom 4 advanced magnification adjusted camera shoots 4 K / 60 fps video at 100 Mbps bit rate and shoots up to 20 Megapixel still images.

The maximum flight speed of Phantom 4 Advanced is slightly higher than the maximum flight speed Phantom 4 in P mode. The maximum flight time is extended to 30 minutes, the transmission range is extended to 7 km, and the obstacle detection range increases from 15 m to 30 m.

DJI homepage: http: // From = store_index_banner # / faq

· · ·

I do not know as I understand (⌒ – ⌒;)

Let’s not go to the pin for those who are going to start the drones much more.

『Great difference between normal Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro · advance | Camera performance』

「DJI Phantom 4 Pro Image quality / function verification」

It is a video verified by salon video salon, but it is earlier if you actually compare with video.
The usual Phantom 4 will be discontinued on April 30, 2017, but there is only this difference from the ordinary one.
(Although it can not be purchased, it is already sold out.

『Travel Tips | The usual Phantom 4 is actually handy indeed!』

Even though the simple video performance is better for Pro, the normal Phantom 4 actually is what the camera is a wide-angle lens.

Phantom 4: 20 mm
Phantom 4 Pro & Aadvance 24 mm

As a result, Phantom 4 is actually more convenient for those who want to put the subject firmly in the limited shooting site.

I think that I like preference, but I like people more “wide angle”.

What is different between Phantom 4 Pro and Advance? Is it? | Price difference “25000 yen”

The price of PHANTOM 4 PRO is 204,000 yen
Advance is 179,000 yen

And the price is “25000 yen” cheaper.

So, what is the difference between advanced and Pro for this price difference?

What is different between Phantom 4 Pro and Advance? Is it? | Safety performance

With the performance of the camera intact, two vision sensors installed behind the drone and two infrared sensors are gone.

And there is no function of tap fly. (A function that allows you to steer a drone by tapping the screen of the tablet terminal)

『Phantom 4 advance Recommended for those who are unsatisfactory with Mavic PRO 』

Phantom4advance is recommended by Mavic PRO for the second person to unsatisfied people!

Phantom 4Pro recommends if you are considering the Phantom series for the first time at DJI
So, for people who are considering buying the first Dr. Dronne from now on, advance is not recommended if it is recommended.

If the price difference between advance and Pro is “25000 yen”

Considering the risk of crashing a beginner, the impression is that Phantom 4 Pro is recommended, with emphasis on “high safety”.

If I am a completely new beginner and are considering the Phantom series, I will choose the one of Phantom 4 Pro without hesitation.

「Then what kind of person would you recommend advance? Is it? It will be.」

When it purchases Mavic PRO with the first drone and it becomes unsatisfactory by itself, Phantom 4 advance appears in the examination candidate.

Mavic PRO already has many drone users, but it is Super Drones with a compact, high performance, low price and triple play.

Excellent portability and functionality at this price, quite excellent.
Wherever you go you always have a way to act together.

Mavic PRO (Mavic Pro) is also a pretty good drone, but there are places where you really care if you actually try to use such things as “weak to the wind”, “not in focus” at the time of emergency It is something to come.

If you get accustomed to DJI ‘s drone maneuvering with Mavic PRO and feeling unsatisfactory to the drones’ function itself, it is certainly more than Phantom series or Inspire 2 more than that.

In such a case, it is very worrisome if “camera performance” like Phantom 4 advance and “stability of the aircraft itself” are one step higher than Mavic PRO .

Especially if the sensor etc. is less compared with Pro, if you are proficient in maneuvering it will still be safe to compare to Mavic PRO .

Therefore, advance is in a very good position when it aims at the upper drones for the next one rank from Mavic PRO next.


What did you think?

You do not have to worry about honest drones.

If you start thinking about price, performance, convenience, safety, etc., there is no dust.
But such troubles may be one of enjoyment.

I would be pleased if it could be a reference for purchasing a drone.
DJI Online Shop: http: // _k = t8ft9n


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