I shot “a mountain cherry tree” in Arai prefecture Shinjo city with Mavic PRO.

I shot "a mountain cherry tree" in Arai prefecture Shinjo city with Mavic PRO.

It is “Kyu chan” of TOKAI DRONE WALKER.

On the weekend, I went to “Sakurabuchi Park” of Sakura in Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture. Although it started to scatter rather than cherry blossoms, many cherry blossom viewers enjoyed the party.

Sakura in the area in which I live is over soon and I will take a picture of “Bamboo cherry” for payment!

During this period, the surrounding mountains, the trees of the trees that started sprouting are entertaining entertaining eyes! And the mountain cherry pink!
I get excited when I imagine ___ ___ 0

However, taking pictures of the mountains is not good (…) (Kirai gusts) but I will do my best for “fresh green & cherry color”!

Azure cherry blossoms in Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture Drone aerial photograph


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