Okinawa drone aerial photograph | Drone aerial photograph of Kiyatake Cape of southernmost tip of Okinawa with Phantom 4Pro

Okinawa drone aerial photograph | Dolone aerial photograph of Kiyatake Cape of southernmost tip of Okinawa with Phantom 4Pro

I tried drone aerial photograph of Kiyabu Cape at the southernmost tip of Okinawa.

It is Yoshitake Hotaka high school editor of DRONE WALKER.

Since I was not able to publish all of the videos when I went to Okinawa business trip earlier this month, I will introduce that.

Cape Kiyabi at the southernmost tip of Okinawa!

Cape Kiyabu, it seems that I read “Misaki” as it is.

I thought that it was the southernmost point, but when I looked it up in Wikipedia it was different (゚ д ゚)

In general, it is likely that Cape Kiyatake is misunderstood as the southernmost tip of Okinawa main island, but Arasaki, about 1.4 km east southeast, is the southernmost point of fruit. According to the “Kagawa Nippon Dynamics Encyclopedia” published in 1991, the topographic map at that time refers to the southwest end of the Kiyatake district as “Kiyabuyaki”, but the memorial monument “Peace Tower” which is about 1 km east of it It is said that there is a sign for Kiyatake Cape at the place heading for the lighthouse.

I took aerial photographs in various places in Okinawa, but the wind was the strongest place.
I did not have much shooting time, so I regret that I should have shot with more angles.

Should have taken pictures of places such as rocks below (゚ д ゚)

Even in as short a time as possible, I want to be able to do an attractive aerial shooting without waste ~!

This seems to be solved by repeated experiences.

Even so, the ocean is beautiful wherever I go Okinawa!

Even the topography is good, so even if you shoot anywhere it will be a summer.




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