Seven important habits important in Drone entrepreneurship

Seven important habits important in Drone entrepreneurship

The way that I’ve done drone in the year to work in the year


It is Yoshitake Hotaka high school editor of DRONE WALKER.

This time, it will be part of the content I talked about at the special lecture of Drone University in the other day.

One year has passed since I first started drone, but since I had something to be aware of various things until actually becoming my main job, I will introduce the contents.

Seven important habits important in Drone entrepreneurship

  1. Make sure to decide to call yourself
  2. Do not organize tags · lose dependence
  3. Taking risk (time or money)
  4. To penetrate in one field
  5. Taking a time stream
  6. Points of monetization
  7. Always thinking and keep acting
    Well, although we are setting a drone, it will be content that can be common in business in any field.
    Then I will explain it one by one.

Habit 1 | Be sure to make a decision to call itself

Before I met Drone, I quit firefighter and experienced as much as I disliked going around for nearly three years.

Even in any business, if you do not become your source of information, the central figure of things, leader, you can almost certainly not be a business.

Will it be a business if I take this qualification?

If you enter this community, maybe a request for work will come?

You should throw away expectations and dependencies such as you, you must compete with the business you established yourself.

If you belong to a community etc, you should move to be close to the central figure even from halfway participation.

Habit 2 | Do not make tags with people until your own business is established

It is a misunderstanding expression, but I will dare write it like this.
It is an era of “sharing” everything in this era, so it seems like it’s easy to combine tags with various people.

However, it is a story that holds true because it is a person who firmly established his business and business.

Let ‘s do something together with entrepreneurs and other people in Drone’ s events and communities, talking about business or business!

To be honest, to be honest, people who have never done businesses by themselves will not be in the shape of almost any form even if they form a tag together.

On the desk top of the desk, you can think of a business model like a dream like you can do anything like this, and will also feel like I can do something.

Indeed, it seems that obscurity will expand as much as unknown industries like drone.

However, everything that comes to mind at the moment is almost what everyone thinks.

From there we actually have to put into practice and form enormous amounts of energy to form.

At this time, if you decide to organize tags with someone, the direction will be almost certainly misplaced and the relationship will become dependent on your partner without knowing it, soon the plan will be torn down I will.

Conversely, even if you think that you are going to do business with people who can do business, you can not definitely become that central figure, and there is little return available as a business.

In a bad way of speaking, it will be finished with just being used.

Let’s start by making yourself a business with yourself without first trying to create a business and trying to monetize your passion and energy, which you can do by yourself, and to the level where you can eat yourself first.

Then it is time to form a tag.

Entrepreneurs seem to be glittering, but in reality they are lonely.

Habit 3 | Taking risk

Risks in entrepreneurship are roughly divided into two.
that is
Do you spend money?
Do you take time?

It will be two.

There are financial resources that can spend money on a flat basis, those who have already raised one flag in a separate project do not have to bother to listen to my story and I think that I do not even see this site in the first place, so I will omit it But, if you do not have money, you will nurture your business with consideration for your time.

Most people think that it is those who have drunk and entrepreneurship while having a core business, but if you want to monetize by starting a drones, you have to take time and act with dense times not.

And not being able to get a return just because you took time.

It is not always the case that it is the iron rule of work.

This means taking risks.

Habit 4 | to penetrate in one field

Even if you go to a bite with the drone, there are diverse genres now.
Beginning with aerial shots,

  • Drone race
  • Survey
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Event
  • Sports

There are various such as.
I do not mind trying any field, but if I try to do anything in the drones, it will not work.
From the large classification drone, you should use energy to focus on your favorite field and what you want to challenge and become the best guru in the world.

Habit 5 | Taking a time ride

Although it can be said in any business, “getting on the stream” is very important.
As the name suggests, timely streams are the flow of the times, people flow, money flows, and large amounts of energy gather there.

Even if you are doing one project, the return that you can get even if you are on the same time with the same effort will change at all.

Although I also gave it up earlier, there are various genres in the major classification drone, so you should go to the job by choosing a genre that fits your own orientation and rides on the currents.

The drone itself is the future industry.

You might be asked for energy that will create your own time.

Habit 6 | Points of monetization

As long as you are a business, you must always make points that yield profits.

Entrepreneurship does not mean that a fixed amount of salary will be entered because they did what they were told, unlike office workers in the first place.

Regardless of how much you move, you must make a point that will always give you money somewhere.

In the case of fresh start-ups, there is resistance to receiving money very much.

On the contrary, despite the necessity of monetization, even if it gets stifled more than necessary, it does not go well.

The basis of business is ‘first-out’.

First of all, work gives to myself as well as nature by giving and giving it.
for that reason

Activities and flow lines that almost only volunteers can see

It is important to carefully arrange the points where the cache falls firmly.

Nature and balance are important.

I am still researching.

Habit 7 | Keep constant thinking and keep on acting.

The most important thing is to keep thinking about your business at all times.

It is quite natural, but it is very important to keep thinking how the business will expand anyway.

I want to start most business! Even though someone who says that they are thinking, the level is known at most.

It will be swept away by amusement immediately and frustrated.

There are a lot of people saying, “I am planning to start a business with Drone’s entrepreneur in the future, I am interested in the future.” There are a lot of people who are more interested in me, but I have rarely encountered a person who thinks and acts more than my own .

I also try to choose very carefully when acting.

Because it is funny if this is the one I imagined at my head, since it will take a tremendous amount of effort to make it real.

And because that action does not necessarily give you a return as a business, you need to keep thinking about what you really need to do in order to move oneself.

Then we have to keep on thinking about whether we actually need to take action and from there we need to correct the trajectory or whether the action is meaningful.

Even though you think carefully until moving to action,

Thoughts → Behavior

The action up to the salaryman, a speed feeling that seems to be going to be a speed to draw a line with a similar entrepreneur is necessary.

Summary | Entrepreneurs study for the rest of their lives! Let’s get on the flow of growth!

I am continuing my studies on a daily basis, even before starting my own business and starting my own business.

I also write it on my profile, but I read over 200 books per year. (I am now trying to output the contents I input.)

Brain power development including mastery of fast reading skills, purchasing various training, seminars, teaching materials to change our own thoughts and actions, the money used for self-investment is over 5 million yen I will.

I will probably use more than 2 million yen for books alone.

By overwhelming input and output repetition, you can grow your business and invest in the return (income) obtained from it in your own growth and business growth leading to further growth and leap.

It is impossible to look into just the inside of my head, but my thoughts and actions have changed daily because it is filled with business as far as the subconscious level called “self-enlightenment” or “success philosophy” It is coming.


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