Drone and a round-the-world trip | Participate in a lecture by Mr. Yamaguchi who toured around the world with a drone! What is the cost and the work in the middle of a journey?

Drone and a round-the-world trip | Participate in a lecture by Mr. Yamaguchi who toured around the world with a drone! What is the cost and the work in the middle of a journey?

Honeymoon traveler | I participated in a lecture by Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi who traveled around the world with a drone.

It is Yoshitake Hotaka high school editor of DRONE WALKER.
I saw someone who I wanted to see you for a while.

It is Yamaguchi and Mrs. Yamaguchi who took a drone and went on a honeymoon for about 400 days.

When I first started drone, I was already around the world, but I was deprived of the visual beauty that I really photographed the scenery around the world with a drone when I watched the movie .

And goodness of compatibility with “Drone Journey”, and I have dreamed of flying drones not only in Japan but also in the world.

Even those who are not interested in drones may wonder if some of the following videos have seen them taken up in the media at once.

Ultra Famous Movie | Drone round-the-world honeymoon with one hand – Flying superb view 400 days

And from 6th July 2015 I will go on a journey around the world on a hundred and four hundred days.

Originally I was not interested in round the world,I want to do something big with something.
Meanwhile, I casually came out, “I hope to go around the world on my honeymoon.”

It seems that it kept getting caught in the head, and it was the opportunity to go.

That’s right, my husband Chika has abundant overseas experience, but my wife Mariko had never been abroad before then.

What is the route around the world?

It is said that it took 48 countries over 400 days.
The route is a westward route
Asia → Middle East → South America → North America
It seems that we roamed around the world roughly like this route.
Definitely decide where you want to go, then flexibly change
It seems that there were several places in advance “I want to go absolutely here!” Other than that, listen to the people you meet in the journey, flexibly deal with the places and events you wanted to go to It seems that he traveled as he wants to respond to.

Traveling around the world abroad | At that time, how was your work done?

My wife, Mariko, told me that I quit the swimming school that I was working on.
SenTakashi’s husband has a job at the time of the digitalmarketing company, it seems to have come out on the remains of round-the-world journey of what “full-time”.

Since the job owner was a programmer, I heard that if I had an internet environment I could work.

However, it was hard to do work where the Wi-Fi environment such as Africa and South America was not in place.

Although I am anxious about traveling, it is income, but it is quite nice to be able to work.

Cost of traveling around the world is 5 million yen for two couples

It seems that they saved money with two people to go around the world.

And the amount saved in advance is “5 million yen”

Cost is a savings life.

Mainly to choose the place rent is very cheap at 7 tatami studio, it seems to have done accumulated by 100,000 yen each in the wife and husband for “round-the-world savings” from the salary.

And since SenTakashi’s husband had to travel while working, I think it also became the capital of fairly valuable journey.

What to prepare for a round of the world

To go abroad for nearly a year, go to the city hall and pull out residents ‘votes (residents’ taxes are not stupid)
Regarding unemployment insurance, he seems to have given up because he can not attend Hello Work.

I heard that the baggage was put together in a trunk room about 5000 yen a month.

Brought to the trip around the world | Backpack has 4 couples and 2 people

Clothes change
3 T-shirts
2 trousers
It is said that backpacking has focused on lightening anyway, centering on high-speed and high-speed items.
He also said he carefully selected gadget equipment such as drones, action cameras such as GO PRO, and brought it.
Since For all of the luggage of journey it is written all in detail in here book, those who are tree “Please look to check all means.

Around the world seen in numbers

The period of the trip is 400 days
There are 48 countries
There are 130 cities in the city
The cost is 5 million yen
250 yen for the cheapest accommodation (about 1000 yen average on average)
Marina Bay Sands in Singapore seems to have been the highest accommodation fee.
140,000 yen The highest shopping Spanish football game One person 70,000 yen
Priorities in traveling | Safety first security measures

He always said he was careful about safety in the order.
It seems that one in two people will experience if it is small theft, but fortunately there were not any such problems.
It was said that it was quite lucky.

Drone trouble | Actually it seems that I was replacing twice during the trip.

Once it was distressed in Norway’s snowy mountain, when lost in the snowy mountain with the Phantom 3 standard it was white and I could not find it.
The second generation seems to have purchased Phantom 3 again in France in Paris.
And crash again in Africa! Now I was able to recover the aircraft, I sent it to Japan and sent it for repair. (That drone came back after returning home)
He said he bought Phantom 3 again in South Africa on the third car.
Why did you bring the drone around the world?

When I thought about making a round-the-world trip, I first started a blog.
Meanwhile, I watched various popular blogs even on a round-the-world travel blog, but the edge of the blog top person surely worked.
So I thought it was interesting that it was information dissemination from the drone.
Three months ago I bought the drone
Practice was about 2 times and it took it overseas for the third time.
This is amazing.


Conclusion | The fact that two people have changed around the world


1: Lost greed

Because it turned out to be able to survive only with a round-the-world backpack
It seems that clothes and books that you do not need have returned almost abroad.
2: Overseas became familiar

It seems that overseas became familiar mentally rather than physically distant.
3: It seems that it can be thought that there can be various ways of life

The way life that had been completed only in Japan encountered various people all over the world destroy common sense of Japanese life.
It was anxious when I went off the road until now but my choice of life is not one. He seems to have noticed that.
Mr. Chika

1: My job has changed.

Work shifted from programming system to video system after returning home
2: Where there is to be done

3: Words of Mark and Wayne

After 20 years you regret what you did not do better than what you did
There seems to be no one who regretted that even if it did a round of the world.
I would like to travel around the world.
I want to challenge more
If you think in the mind, we encourage you to try it.


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