Japan’s easy-to-understand drone specialty media

DRONE WALKER, “Japan’s most comprehensive drone specialty media” as a concept and information dissemination.

The place where you visit for the first time from a casual everyday can also experience “extraordinary” that has never existed by adding “+ drones”. The overwhelming adventure of the sky seen from the drones, like a bird, I will tell you the exciting appeal.

In ‘Aerial walk’, in addition to activities as “drone specialty media”, utilize “drone” to various genres such as “aerial shooting” “disaster support” “agriculture” “sports” “construction” “town development”, challenge I will continue.


Do not give any information on the drone sent out in the air walk!

We are making a more detailed information dissemination than the book.

About Drone Dolon’s beginners and experts such as “purchasing guide”, “DJI product”, “aerial photography technique”, “law related law such as aviation law”, “principle of flight” “application for flying”, etc. can be convinced and pleased like,
We are aiming for “Japan’s most easy-to-understand drone media.”